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Tips to Make Your Hearing Aids Safer for Pets and Children

Hearing aids are powerful pieces of technology, but they’re also pretty small, and their batteries are even smaller. This can make them easy to lose or misplace. A store specializing in hearing aids in Springfield, MO, like Half Price Hearing Aids, can help easily replace them. Losing the earpiece or batteries can be a major problem with pets or children around. Their size means pets and kids can easily swallow Read More

What Happens When You Need Hearing Aids, But Don’t Wear Them?

Whether you already have hearing aids or are scheduling your first hearing aid consultation in Springfield, MO, you may have questions and concerns. A concern that tops the list is whether there will be negative repercussions to not keeping hearing devices in your ears at all times. After all, you don’t need your hearing aids when you’re reading, working out or cleaning the house, right? This is an excellent question, Read More

Four Reasons Why People Don’t Use Hearing Aids in Springfield, MO

Although hearing loss is a common condition in America, some people are not interested in wearing hearing aids for one reason or another. It’s for this reason that many people have a hard time bringing up the subject to a loved one who’s struggling with hearing loss. Or, let’s say your loved one does finally decide that, after years of miscommunication and frustration, it’s time to see an audiologist. They Read More

Hearing Loss in Springfield, MO Can Occur at Any Age

The common perception is that hearing loss is only a problem in older people, but the truth is that hearing loss does not discriminate according to age. People of all ages can suffer from hearing loss caused by illnesses, medications, genetics or injuries, and when it happens to children, there are some extra challenges that must be overcome. Here is some information about how hearing loss in Springfield, MO affects Read More

Using Hearing Aids in Springfield, MO as a Fashion Statement

Rare is the person who actually looks forward to the day they can get hearing aids. For just about everyone, hearing aids are an object of necessity rather than an object of pleasure. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish! Advances in hearing aid technology have led to the development of a much wider range of hearing aid designs, functions and styles than ever before. Now, not only can Read More

Have No Fear: Replace Your Hearing Aid Batteries in Springfield, MO in Public

Are you a “bathroom battery changer”? Too often, people who wear hearing aids feel the need to hide away when they need to change their hearing aid batteries in Springfield, MO. This causes unnecessary inconvenience and anxiety. Consider the following facts if you’re struggling with this issue. Delays Are Detrimental Picture this scenario: You’re in a large business meeting. You’re having trouble hearing the speaker and the questions from attendees, Read More

The Importance of Properly Cleaning Your Hearing Aids in Springfield, MO

Hearing aids are always a significant investment. They are also an important contributor to your overall health. With these facts in mind, it’s easy to see that taking good care of your hearing aids in Springfield, MO is important. To achieve this healthy maintenance, you must properly clean your hearing aids. Following is an easy-to-use guide explaining this importance and the crucial steps to maintaining clean hearing aids. Why You Read More

Fun Facts You Didn’t Know About Bluetooth Hearing Aids in Springfield, MO

Bluetooth is one of the most popular varieties of technology out there today. Bluetooth technology transmits data over short distances from device to device using radio waves. Though it’s most commonly used for listening to music or making phone calls, Bluetooth technology has become all the rage with hearing aids in Springfield, MO. Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids make life a whole lot easier for a number of reasons. Keep reading to Read More

The Life Expectancy of Hearing Aid Batteries in Springfield, MO

If you use hearing aids, you’re well aware that hearing aid batteries in Springfield, MO don’t last forever. Just like the batteries in your TV’s remote control, hearing aid batteries slowly drain over time and need to be replaced. Thankfully, technology surrounding hearing aid batteries is constantly improving. Batteries are getting much stronger and more efficient, they last longer than they used to and they’re also a whole lot easier Read More