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Pets Eat Hearing Aids

Can Your Pets Eat Hearing Aids? Oh yes it’s true that pets eat hearing aids! If you are a pet owner and have hearing aids, I strongly suggest keeping your hearing aids stored away from them. Even with well mannered pets, I strongly suggest not putting them to the test. By simply keeping your hearing aids out of sight and out of reach, you can save yourself a lot of Read More

Child’s 9 Most Important Minutes of the Day

In creating a child’s emotionally healthy development, one should know the child’s 9 most important minutes of the day.  These 9 minutes of a child’s day are the most meaningful and should be highlighted: First 3 minutes after waking up and getting out of bed First 3 minutes after getting home from school or daycare Last 3 minutes of the day in the evening before going to bed When it comes Read More

Earwax Buildup and Removal

Understanding Earwax Buildup Earwax is an important natural occurring substance that the glands produce to protect ear canal skin from dust, microorganisms water irritation and other unwanted foreign particles from harming the ear. Earwax buildup occurs from the glands producing more earwax than necessary. This in turn can cause earwax to become hard and may block the ear canal. This prevents the earwax from naturally leaving through the ear opening, Read More