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Buying Hearing Aids Online vs. Buying them in Person

If you’re having issues with your hearing, you may need a hearing aid. If it’s your first one, or you’re trying to save some money, you may think about buying online. You can go online to see what options you have, or go to a doctor and get one in person. However, there are a number of differences between buying hearing aids in Springfield, MO in person as opposed to online that you’ll want to keep in mind.

Complex medical device

A hearing aid may have a simple concept, but it is quite the complex piece of technology. Hearing aids are tuned specifically for your unique needs. If you don’t go to the doctor or get an updated hearing test, a hearing aid bought online likely won’t meet your needs. Buying it in person allows the doctor to fine-tune your hearing aid to your ears. You also need a special computer software to set the hearing aid. If not set properly when bought online, you’ll have to send it back, which will leave you without a hearing aid for a while. Buying in person allows the tuning to be done with you present, making it quicker and making sure it is what you need.

Unique fit

Not only does a hearing aid need to be properly tuned for your hearing needs, it also needs to be properly fitted. Buying a hearing aid online means picking a size or getting a custom order. Both of these options can create fitting problems when you finally get them. Think of your ear size as a more complex foot size. You may be able to tell someone what your ear size is, but the hearing aid needs to fit almost perfectly to work effectively. Going in person when buying hearing aids in Springfield, MO allows your doctor to specifically fit the hearing aid to your ear, and gives you the opportunity to make adjustments on the spot if there are any problems.

Getting used to it

It’s not always easy to adjust to wearing hearing aids. Sometimes it is just you getting used to them. Other times, there can be issues that need fixing. If you buy the hearing aid online and are running into problems, you’ll have to go to your doctor and then pass along any changes or fixes. This adds time and cost. Being able to get an in-person visit about hearing aids in Springfield, MO can help you reset or adjust it right away. You can’t be sure you’ll be able to get this sort of help if you buy your hearing aid online.

If you’re dealing with hearing problems, you may need a hearing aid. While buying online is an option, it comes with plenty of drawbacks compared to buying them in person. Half Price Hearing Aids is here to help you when purchasing hearing aids in Springfield, MO. We’ll never make you feel like we can’t help you or that you’re not welcome. At Half Price Hearing Aids, we’ll help you fix any hearing aid problems you may have, and we’ll do it in real time.