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Child’s 9 Most Important Minutes of the Day

In creating a child’s emotionally healthy development, one should know the child’s 9 most important minutes of the day.  These 9 minutes of a child’s day are the most meaningful and should be highlighted:

  • First 3 minutes after waking up and getting out of bed
  • First 3 minutes after getting home from school or daycare
  • Last 3 minutes of the day in the evening before going to bed

When it comes to the child’s 9 most important minutes of the day, these precious moments are not meant to be missed. Hearing impairment is something that can inhibit important stages of bonding with your little one. Furthermore if your child herself has hearing loss, then she most definitely does not want to hinder the quality of what life has to offer during these crucial stages of emotional development.

Good news is that there are many options when it comes to improving hearing. You do not need to let hearing loss impair the most important minutes of your child’s life. Allow Half Price Hearing Aids to give a new quality of hearing to those memorable moments so that you and your child can make the most of your child’s 9 most important minutes of the day.

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