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Four Reasons Why People Don’t Use Hearing Aids in Springfield, MO

Although hearing loss is a common condition in America, some people are not interested in wearing hearing aids for one reason or another. It’s for this reason that many people have a hard time bringing up the subject to a loved one who’s struggling with hearing loss. Or, let’s say your loved one does finally decide that, after years of miscommunication and frustration, it’s time to see an audiologist. They are told they need hearing aids, but only wear them for a while before tossing them in the junk drawer.

Why purchase hearing aids if you don’t wear them? The following are four reasons why people don’t use hearing aids in Springfield, MO:

  • Their hearing aids are not comfortable: If your loved one’s hearing aids are not comfortable, chances are they won’t wear them. This is especially true with older hearing aids and ill-fitting devices. Luckily, more modern hearing aids are sleeker and come in a variety of models and colors, meaning they are more comfortable to wear all day long through daily tasks. As soon as you notice your loved one refusing to wear their hearing aids, ask them if comfort is the issue.
  • They are too complicated to use: Hearing aids of today are not so big and bulky anymore, nor equipped with confusing dials and switches. In fact, there have been serious improvements in hearing aid devices over the years. Just look at the devices on the current market! Some are made to be like mini computers, being able to adjust to the patterns of your ears and the sound waves reaching them. These types of hearing aids are not complicated, as needed adjustments are few and far between.
  • Their hearing aids are difficult to clean and maintain: Hearing aids are small and delicate. To ensure your hearing aids enjoy a long life, they must be cared for. Because they are exposed to earwax, sweat, water, dirt, dust and other debris, day and night, they also need regular cleanings. Drying them well is also an important step. In addition to regular care and cleanings, wearers should always have fresh batteries on hand to keep their hearing aids working. If changing the batteries is too difficult, suggest that your loved one talk to their audiologist about a rechargeable hearing aid battery option.
  • They’re embarrassed to wear them: Hearing aids today have vastly improved in technology and appearance, but no matter what, hearing aids still hold a stigma. This can lead to embarrassment and not wanting to wear hearing aids. If this is the case for your loved one, encourage them to talk to the people around them about how hearing aids have helped them. As friends and family won’t judge a hearing aid wearer, they can help them understand how these devices improve their quality of life.

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