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Have No Fear: Replace Your Hearing Aid Batteries in Springfield, MO in Public

Are you a “bathroom battery changer”? Too often, people who wear hearing aids feel the need to hide away when they need to change their hearing aid batteries in Springfield, MO. This causes unnecessary inconvenience and anxiety. Consider the following facts if you’re struggling with this issue.

Delays Are Detrimental

Picture this scenario: You’re in a large business meeting. You’re having trouble hearing the speaker and the questions from attendees, and you know it’s because you need to replace the battery in your hearing aid. It wouldn’t be appropriate to leave the room to do this. You have an extra battery with you, but you don’t want anyone to see you replace it.

Now, picture a different scenario. You’re in a crowded restaurant. You’re finding it very difficult to follow the conversation at your table, and you know it’s due to a failing hearing aid battery. You want to escape to the restroom to change the battery, but you’ll miss much of the time with your friends waiting in line at the crowded bathroom, where it may be difficult to not drop your battery.

In either of these scenarios (and countless others), you suffer by delaying the battery replacement. Due to fear of judgment or questions that might follow, you don’t replace the battery when needed. This delay may save you from exposing your hearing loss to others, but it makes you lose in other ways. You can’t follow the meeting. You can’t follow conversation. While trying to avoid embarrassment from changing your batteries, you may end up embarrassed due to the inability to hear—plus, you’re having a miserable time.

If you simply change the battery as soon as possible, you won’t miss out unnecessarily on what is going on around you.

You’re Not Alone

If you’re embarrassed about changing your hearing aid batteries in Springfield, MO, rest assured you’re not alone. Many struggle with this issue. It’s important to remember that there is nothing wrong with wanting to be able to hear. Don’t let embarrassment, fear or any other emotions get in the way of your hearing. Depending on the setting, your battery task may evoke a question or two from those around you. However, you can view this as an opportunity to educate people about hearing loss and how they can better communicate with you.

Keep in mind, most people are just as busy worrying about what others think of them as you are about how they will react to your battery replacement. If they do notice what you’re doing, it’s likely a much bigger deal in your mind than it is in theirs.

Talk to the Experts

Would you like additional advice on how to manage your hearing aid care? Whether you need instructions on replacing your hearing aid batteries in Springfield, MO, tips on how to do this discreetly or instructions on how often this should occur, we are here to help. Contact the hearing aid experts at Half Price Hearing Aids today. We are ready to assist you with consultations, repairs, sales and maintenance services to meet all your hearing aid needs.