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Hearing Aid Repair in Springfield, MO

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When you have a hearing loss, you need your hearing aids to function correctly. Plus, over time, your hearing can change, so it’s important to make sure your hearing aids are programmed correctly and are in good working order. Also, it’s good to check and see if there’s been any improvement in hearing device technology, just in case a newer model hearing aid might be the better option for you.

At Half Price Hearing Aids, we don’t just sell new hearing aids, we also offer hearing aid replacement and repair services to our patients. Our experienced and caring staff can help you determine if it’s best to repair a hearing aid that doesn’t seem to be working or if it’s more cost effective to replace it with a new one instead.

Important Points To Consider About Hearing Aids

    • Device Age: Hearing Aids usually last for about 5 years, but many people replace theirs sooner. This can be because they desire an upgrade to a more premium level hearing aid, or because technology has improved, or even because repairing their hearing aid would cost more than buying a new one.


    • Regular Maintenance: You should come in and see us at least once a year so we can make sure your hearing aids are functioning correctly and reprogram them if there’s been any change to your hearing. In addition, you can visit us every three to six months so we can clean your devices for you and make sure everything is working.


  • Help Troubleshooting: We’ll never make you feel like a question you have isn’t worth asking, and we’re happy for you to come see us so we can check your device, but if you prefer to troubleshoot common problems like wax filter replacement or battery replacement yourself, we’ll gladly walk you through the steps! We’re just a phone call away when you need help.

can you hear me nowHalf Price Hearing Aids is one of the few family owned hearing aid providers left. We care about you, about your hearing, and about ensuring your hearing aids are working so you don’t miss a thing; whether that’s having a telephone conversation with your grandchildren or watching a classic movie with friends. Stop by or contact us today to make sure your hearing aid is functioning properly and programmed correctly for you.