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Hearing Aids and Artificial Intelligence

If you’ve been paying attention to tech news in recent years, you’ve probably heard a lot about artificial intelligence, or AI. AI has been applied to many different applications, including email categorization, mobile navigation, fraud prevention and social networking. One of the next frontiers of AI development is integration with hearing aid technology. Artificial intelligence has the potential to greatly improve the function of existing hearing aid technology and make it easier for people who have hearing loss to communicate with people and enjoy a higher quality of life.

Present-day hearing aid AI

Artificial intelligence is all about programming technology in such a way that it can adapt based on the information it receives. Lots of tech developers describe AI as being able to learn as it is exposed to different conditions. Artificial intelligence is used in search engines, for example, to integrate data and patterns to create a more intuitive experience for specific users. The more information the artificial intelligence has, the more sophisticated the resulting algorithms and programs will be.

Some hearing aids in Springfield, MO already have a certain level of AI integration. There are certain hearing aids that you can connect to a smart phone application that allow you to adjust different audio settings and levels based on what’s going on around you. As time passes, these hearing aids can adjust automatically based on the information that you’ve provided as you calibrate settings.

Future developments

In the future, artificial intelligence will likely improve the quality of hearing aids in Springfield, MO significantly. One of the biggest concerns among hearing aid wearers is feedback during conversation. While hearing aid developers have had a hard time eliminating this kind of feedback entirely, work is being done to utilize AI to solve this problem. This emerging system is designed with the capacity to pick out an individual voice and isolate it from background noise. This kind of system can make it much easier for people with hearing loss to engage in and follow conversations.

Another exciting feature that may be introduced in the near future is health monitoring AI. This kind of feature would make it possible for hearing aid devices to track pulse, breathing rate and other vital signs. This information could be used to alert the wearer to any abnormalities. In some cases, this information could even be sent to family members or friends to alert them to a health emergency.

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