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Hearing Loss in Springfield, MO Can Occur at Any Age

The common perception is that hearing loss is only a problem in older people, but the truth is that hearing loss does not discriminate according to age. People of all ages can suffer from hearing loss caused by illnesses, medications, genetics or injuries, and when it happens to children, there are some extra challenges that must be overcome.

Here is some information about how hearing loss in Springfield, MO affects young people in unique ways.

An overview of childhood hearing loss

Lifestyle is one of the primary factors in hearing loss among young people. Constant exposure to loud music in earbuds and headphones, as well as elevated volumes of music, concert venues, sporting events and sound systems, can be damaging to the ears over time, and it’s young people who tend to be more exposed to these events and sounds.

The same sorts of challenges associated with hearing loss apply to children as to adults, but they also have to deal with potential academic challenges that could lead to them doing worse in school. Kids who have hearing loss could fall behind in their academics if their hearing loss goes untreated. Even kids who have versions of congenital hearing loss and already have received treatments in the forms of cochlear implants or hearing aids might find it more difficult to concentrate and succeed in school than kids who do not have hearing problems, as they have to adjust every year to teachers who may or may not be experienced in working with students who have hearing impairments.

For teenagers, their choices of careers and jobs can be influenced by the hearing loss they experience. Numerous studies indicate young people who have hearing loss tend to have perceived barriers to their abilities that limit their vocational choices. These barriers may or may not actually exist, but something societally has at least convinced them that they do exist.

Finally, interactions with other kids can become more difficult due to hearing loss, which can make it harder for them to build strong bonds and friendships.

Preventing hearing loss in kids and teens

While there’s nothing you can do to prevent congenital hearing loss from occurring, and while there are some accidents that cannot be foreseen that can also cause hearing loss, there are still ways you can prevent noise-induced hearing loss in young people.

Here are some tips:

  • Always use high-quality earbuds that better transmit the bass, or convince your kids to wear headphones instead of earbuds
  • Never allow your kids to listen to music or videos through earbuds at more than 60 percent volume
  • Set the general rule that if others can hear the music you’re listening to through earbuds, the music is much too loud
  • Encourage kids to wear earplugs at concerts or other loud events
  • Set limits on the amount of time kids can spend listening to music or videos with earbuds

For more tips about preventing hearing loss in kids and about various factors associated with hearing loss in Springfield, MO, contact Half Price Hearing Aids today.