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How Long Do Hearing Aids Last?

You might see bulky, tan-colored hearing aids around today and assume they’re the only option for you. Fortunately, the hearing aid market today has much more advanced technology, which means you can get both enhanced performance and a much more discreet design when you purchase a pair for yourself.

Half Price Hearing Aids is your premier source for hearing aids in Springfield, MO. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality hearing aid products on the market, and we are experts in all the options available to you. One common question we get a lot from customers interested in purchasing hearing aids is about how long hearing aids typically last. This is an important thing to know, so we’re glad you asked. Here’s a little more information about the lifespan of hearing aids.

Not your grandmother’s hearing aids

The first thing to know about hearing aids is that, nowadays, these little devices are basically very small computers. They have powerful capabilities to improve your hearing, while also keeping comfort and a low profile in mind. They are also more durable than ever, thanks to their many design options, including metal, plastic and silicon. Each pair is usually covered with a special nano-coating material, which has an important function: keeping potentially harmful debris or moisture from penetrating the device and getting into your ears.

Nothing lasts forever

These many technological advances make hearing aids a fantastic option for anyone who’s hard of hearing, and it’s encouraging to know that they are so hardy and sophisticated. Do keep in mind, however, that nothing in this world lasts forever, and that includes hearing aids. They are usually used for many hours every day, and this inevitably leads to some degradation over time. So, if you’re looking for hearing aids in Springfield, MO, make sure to work with a reputable hearing aid resource, so you can get regular inspection and maintenance as needed.

Sometimes damage happens by accident; hearing aids are small and sometimes tricky to hold onto, and can easily be dropped. Sometimes it’s not a matter of repairing or replacing the entire hearing piece, but simply of changing the battery, which must be done with regularity.

Expect to purchase every five years

You should plan to invest in a new set of hearing aids about every five years. This timeframe can vary from person to person, but it’s a good rule of thumb. One common reason why people purchase new hearing aids is not because they wear out, but because their hearing changes. If your hearing is relatively stable for many years, you can probably keep your hearing aids for a decade or more. But if it’s changing, you will probably need an upgrade. This is usually a good thing, in the sense that technology for hearing aids is improving year after year, so in a few years, your new set will be even better!

When you’re ready to purchase hearing aids in Springfield, MO, come see the experts at Half Price Hearing Aids. We’ll answer all your questions and help you enjoy the wonderful sounds of daily life once again.