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Overwhelmed by an Onslaught of Hearing Aid Sales in Springfield, MO?

You’re not sure how, but you apparently got on every mailing list for hearing aid sales in Springfield, MO. Your mailbox and your inbox are stuffed with offers daily. What should you do about this solicitation? Are any offers believable? How can you navigate this onslaught?

To handle hearing aid sales in Springfield, MO properly, consumers should take three steps. Following these tips will help you wade through the offers and come out wiser (and hearing better) on the other side.

1. Beware of scams

The hearing aid industry is prone to questionable advertising and sales tactics. Not every marketing gimmick is worthy of your trust. Desperate to save on rising healthcare costs, many consumers fall prey to scams related to hearing aid sales in Springfield, MO. As you wade through the many offers that come your way, be on the lookout for the following red flags:

  • Wild and misleading claims. If it sounds too good to be true, go ahead and question it.
  • Free “research trials” that are actually testing a company’s marketing rather than the hearing aid.
  • Checks for large amounts to put toward the price of a hearing aid. The company has probably inflated the price by the amount they sent you.

2. Know what questions to ask

If you are in the market for a hearing aid, it’s important to know what information to gather before you purchase one. As you speak with companies concerning hearing aid sales in Springfield, MO, find out the answers to the following key questions. A company’s responses to these inquiries will reveal the quality of service they provide for their customers:

  • What follow-up care do you provide for your customers?
  • Can you explain the difference between hearing aid styles?
  • How do I know if I need a hearing aid?
  • Do you take insurance?
  • Do you test for free?

3. Compare pricing and service

When shopping for other products, consumers tend to compare brands, prices, warranties and other service offerings. But when it comes to hearing aids, patients don’t follow this process nearly as often. It’s important to realize this should be handled like your other purchases. Compare companies to determine the best fit for you. Get pricing on the exact same brand and model of hearing aid from different shops. Ask the questions listed above of more than one hearing aid provider. Complete this research so you can make an informed decision about who gets your business.

Not all hearing aid sales in Springfield, MO are created equal. If you follow these three steps, you will quickly discover this truth. At Half Price Hearing Aids, however, you’ll never feel like we can’t or don’t want to help you. Our customers are always welcome to contact us with any hearing difficulties, and we will try to rectify them. Our team knows what it takes for you to hear well, and that’s our sole aim in our practice. Contact us today to find out what we can offer you in service and hearing aid sales in Springfield, MO.