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Pets Eat Hearing Aids

Can Your Pets Eat Hearing Aids?

Oh yes it’s true that pets eat hearing aids! If you are a pet owner and have hearing aids, I strongly suggest keeping your hearing aids stored away from them. Even with well mannered pets, I strongly suggest not putting them to the test. By simply keeping your hearing aids out of sight and out of reach, you can save yourself a lot of frustration and extra expense. It’s a simple step that’s worth taking.

Why Do Pets Eat Hearing Aids?

Pets eat hearing aids all the time. It’s a very common misfortune that many hearing aid wearers experience. Hearing aids can be appealing to pets because of their shiny appearance. Another reason pets eat hearing aids occurs when the battery doors are left closed. The high pitched squealing that the operating hearing aids make can be quite annoying to pets. The squealing noise causes them to attack the source. Either way, you want to make it a point not to provide a snacking opportunity with your hearing aids.

Preventing Pets from Eating Hearing Aids

So, what’s a pet owner to do in order to prevent their pet from chopping on their hearing aids? I have two main points of advice to give in order to protect your hearing aids from this. First, make sure you open your hearing aids’ battery doors when they are not being worn. My next piece of advice is to simply store your hearing aids completely out of sight and reach from your pets. Whether you’re taking a nap, taking a shower, going to bed or just taking some time away from wearing your hearing aids just be sure to store them properly. Keep your hearing aids off of counters and tables. Store them securely away and out of the reach of curious pets. This alone will keep you and your pets quite happy!