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Testing to Determine Your Hearing Loss

Getting a hearing aid isn’t a cut and dry process—it’s not like buying a new car (although it might be as expensive). In fact, there’s actually a five-step process that comes with getting a hearing aid, and the first step is having your hearing loss tested and measured.

The reason it’s important to get a hearing test in Springfield, MO first is because it will help determine the type and degree of your hearing loss. Like your eyesight (nearsightedness vs. farsightedness), there are different types of hearing loss that demand different hearing aids. And, depending on your prescription, there might also be differences in the model, brand or features you select for your aid.

Getting tested

Did you know that you can have your hearing checked for free? That’s right! Not only does Half Price Hearing Aids offer hearing aids at unbelievably low prices, we also offer hearing tests completely free of charge. This is simply a general hearing test, however, and more extensive testing could be required if it’s determined that you have mild to severe hearing loss.

General hearing testing takes about 90 minutes of your time, and there’s so much value in the process. You’ll quickly learn a profound amount about your hearing, such as:

  • Which ear you might have hearing loss in.
  • Whether your hearing loss is focused on words, sounds, background noise, etc.
  • What tones/frequencies you can hear versus the ones you can’t.
  • If your hearing loss is temporary or permanent.

Once you complete a hearing test in Springfield, MO, you’ll also have the chance to consult with a professional about what the results of that test actually mean. This can mean learning things like whether your hearing loss is acute or degenerative, or what the specific nature of your hearing loss is.

Exploring hearing aids

Before you can get a hearing aid, you’ll need a prescription that’s right for your needs. But until you get that prescription, you can still try on and get acclimated with different types of hearing aids. Half Price Hearing Aids has a full range of samples on hand at all times. When you’re done with your hearing testing, you’ll be able to try on devices to get a feel for what life with a hearing aid might be like!

This also gives you a chance to get acclimated with the brands and features that might best serve your hearing loss condition. If your initial results say that you require a specific type of aid, for example, you’ll be able to experience a model right away. Then, when your prescription comes through, you’ll already have an idea of what you might want.

Get your hearing tested

No matter what age you are or what condition you think your hearing might be in, it’s important to get tested. Your results can help you take better care of your hearing while you still have it, or they could help you get the insight you need when it comes to preserving what you have left. Old or young, man or woman, Half Price Hearing Aids welcomes you for your free hearing test!