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The Cost of Hearing Loss in Springfield, MO

Approximately 48 million Americans report experiencing hearing loss. In other words, there’s a pretty good chance that either you or a loved one suffers from some degree of hearing loss. Whether it’s minor or major, hearing loss in Springfield, MO takes a toll on us all. In fact, that toll is quantifiable. Hearing loss costs society about $300,000 per person throughout his or her lifetime in the form of medical expenses and lost productivity. Continue reading to learn more about the true cost of hearing loss and what we can do to help!

  • Medical costs: About 11 percent of that $300,000 goes towards medical costs. Treatments, tests and hearing aids are all usually pretty expensive. Thankfully, that doesn’t have to be the case when you come to Half Price Hearing Aids. We offer free hearing tests and sell the best hearing aids at the best prices in town!
  • Productivity cost: What’d you say? Come again? Pardon? Repeating instructions only takes a few seconds. But constantly repeating things over the course of a day, week or year really adds up! What’s worse is that those with hearing loss may be too embarrassed to ask for instructions to be repeated over and over. After a while, they might just start guessing about what you said and go off and do something the wrong way. You can prevent having to repeat yourself and save your employees from doing the wrong tasks by ensuring everyone with hearing loss has the right hearing devices for them.
  • Personal cost: One of the biggest costs of hearing loss can’t be measured quantifiably. Hearing loss hurts an individual’s self-esteem and can even lead to depression in some cases. Those with hearing loss are often embarrassed, and thus, may not seek the treatment they need and deserve. Make sure those with hearing loss know that it’s okay to ask for help! Nobody will judge them because of a medical condition.

What can be done?

Combating hearing loss in Springfield, MO requires considerable emotional, medical and financial investment, including:

  • Understanding the patient’s pain: The first step in addressing a hearing loss issue is putting yourself in the individual’s shoes. Empathize with them and let them know that help is only a doctor’s appointment away!
  • Getting a hearing test: The only way to know for sure whether someone has hearing loss is to schedule a test with a professional. An audiologist can administer the test fairly quickly to determine whether an individual has suffered hearing loss, and how severe that hearing loss actually is. We offer free hearing tests! But appointment times fill up fast, so be sure to call today.
  • Buying affordable hearing aids: Buying the right hearing aid is the best way to correct hearing loss. Unfortunately, top-of-the-line hearing aids usually cost thousands of dollars. That’s why we’re here! We sell the best hearing aids on the market direct to our customers, so you save big.

Don’t let hearing loss in Springfield, MO affect you or your business any longer! Contact Half Price Hearing Aids today to schedule hearing screenings for your employees, and get them set up with the hearing devices they need to succeed!