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What You Can Expect the First Time You Wear Hearing Aids in Springfield, MO

Hearing aids are remarkable devices that can make a huge difference in the quality of life of people who struggle with hearing loss. If you have hearing loss, you might be excited to start using hearing aids to help you connect and engage with everything that’s going on around you. However, actually wearing hearing aids for the first time might be slightly different than you imagine it will be. For some people, it takes time to get used to wearing hearing aids. You might notice sounds that are strange, distracting or even annoying at first. Being aware of what you might hear when you first wear hearing aids in Springfield, MO can help you adjust to your devices and minimize unwanted noises:

  • Noise during conversation: A common noise you might notice when you first wear hearing aids is hissing during conversations. This hissing noise is especially noticeable at the end of words and sentences and it can be quite distracting at first. The good news is that hissing noises aren’t necessarily a sign of something wrong with your hearing aids. In fact, this could be a sign that your hearing aids are working exactly the way they should! After years of gradual hearing loss, you might start hearing much softer sounds during conversations. When you start wearing hearing aids, conversation will sound much crisper. The “s” sound may sound like hissing at first, but you will soon get used to it, and it will sound natural to you again.
  • Feedback: If you hear strange sounds when you move your mouth or put a phone to your ear, you might be experiencing feedback. Feedback is usually a high-pitched sound that resembles squalling and it can be pretty irritating. Thankfully, a few adjustments can reduce feedback significantly. It might not be possible to eliminate feedback entirely, but you can reduce it to the point where it’s not a constant detractor from your ability to engage in conversation. Talk about your concerns with your audiologist and ask for a recalibration to lower the amount of feedback you experience.
  • Background noise: One of the things that you should be prepared for when you start using hearing aids is the fact that a lot of the new noises you hear are simply environmental sounds that have been happening without your noticing it. All of a sudden, you will be able to hear birds chirping outside, the sound of your appliances running and the bits of conversation that take place in the background at work. Being able to hear all of these environmental sounds can be surprising at first, but you will eventually adjust to these extra noises, and they won’t stand out as much to you.

Finding hearing aids that fit you well and work with your lifestyle can be a game changer, and the team at Half Price Hearing Aids in Springfield, MO is here to help you find the right products at prices that won’t break the bank. We offer a range of services, including hearing tests and hearing aid programming, adjustment, cleaning, repair and replacement. Stop by or call us today to get started!