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Why Choose Half Price Hearing Aids? – STEP 5

Why Choose Half Price Hearing Aids?

testimonialsHere is our fitting philosophy…. First we assess all necessary data for the best possible fitting for free without strong-arming or manipulating our patients; then we fit them with the very best technology that the world has to offer, at prices that allow them to buy a mid-level hearing aid at the price of an entry level one, and a premium hearing aid at the price of a mid-level one, and a quality entry-level hearing aid at the price of one I wouldn’t even let out of my doors. Then we fulfill our expressed commitment to them to KEEP them hearing throughout the life time of their hearing devices, offering free cleaning, free programming, and free retesting for as long as they are wearing their devices.

At Half Price Hearing Aids, you’ll never feel like we can’t or don’t want to help you, or that you’re not welcome to come and try to rectify any difficulty in hearing that you’re having. We know that’s what it takes for you to hear well, and that’s our sole aim in our practice.

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