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Are There Any Instances in Which Just One Hearing Aid Is Recommended?

In order to get the most balanced and complete auditory experience, two hearing aids in Springfield, MO are usually recommended for those combating hearing loss. But as with most things, every person has different needs, and what works for one person might not be best for the next. With that in mind, there are some instances in which one hearing aid presents the best solution for hearing difficulties:

  • Binaural vs. single side hearing: If you visit a professional to have a hearing test performed, the specialist will test the hearing in your right and left ears individually, as well as the level of hearing from both ears as a collective unit. If the results of your test show that your binaural score is higher than the score of your single best ear, two hearing aids will generally be recommended. However, if your test reveals that one of your ears is hearing at a higher level than that of both of your ears combined, this would be an instance in which just one hearing aid might suit you best. Contrary to popular belief, the lone hearing aid would likely be fitted for your best ear, as the amplification will provide the most overall benefit by being placed in the ear where the cochlea is the strongest.
  • Concentrated hearing loss: A single hearing aid would also be beneficial for those who are experiencing hearing loss in one ear only. Although most hearing loss is gradual and affects both ears at relatively the same rate, if you are experiencing isolated hearing loss in just one ear, it is perfectly safe to wear just one hearing aid.
  • Cognitive impairment: Cognitive delays are commonly seen amongst the elderly, and in some instances wearing just one hearing aid can actually help to improve cognitive function and recognition. In particularly noisy surroundings, there can be so much external auditory stimuli that it can actually be overwhelming for an elderly person. A poor signal-to-noise ratio can lead to confusion and anxiety. One hearing aid can help balance this fast-paced, convoluted audio input, making cognitive understanding much more manageable for these individuals.
  • Personal budget: There will be other instances in which using one hearing aid might be the most cost-effective solution for someone dealing with hearing loss. It will ultimately be up to you to make the decision that is best for both your hearing and your personal budget. Getting just one hearing aid to help improve your hearing loss in any capacity is certainly better than nothing at all.

There will be many situations in which an individual will benefit the most from using two hearing aids in Springfield, MO, but there will be just as many cases where only one is needed. For help determining what is best for you, contact us at Half Price Hearing Aids. We have been fitting the community with affordable hearing aids that are best suited to their needs since 2009, and we are committed to making sure that you are comfortable and free to make your own decisions throughout the entire process. Give us a call or pay us a visit and allow us to help you get on the path to better hearing today.