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Tips to Try If Your Hearing Aid Stops Working

Thousands of people rely on hearing aids every day to bring their hearing back up to normal levels. Hearing aids are fascinating pieces of technology, but like all technology, they don’t always work the way we need them to.

It can be extremely frustrating to wake up and put your hearing aids in, only to not be able to hear any sound, or to only hear low, muffled noises. Your first thought might be that your hearing aids are broken and are in need of repair or replacement.

Before you run out to get hearing aid repair in Springfield, MO, try a few of these tips to see if the problem is actually a simple fix:

  • Power off, power on: This might be one of the easiest troubleshooting tips around, but it fixes a surprising number of hearing aid problems. Take out your hearing aid, shut it off, then power it back on. There’s a chance the switch may have accidentally flipped off without your knowledge and has been off without you realizing it!
  • Check the batteries: If the off-on trick doesn’t work, your next best guess is to check the battery. Make sure the battery is inserted correctly and the door to the compartment has closed all the way. If the battery was in properly, it may have died. Replace the battery with a fresh one and see if that helps the device to function.
  • Turn up the volume: If your device has a setting for volume, try turning it up and seeing if that makes a difference. Sometimes the volume can get turned all the way down accidentally, lowering it to a level you cannot hear. Also check the settings to make sure your device is on the right program.
  • Clean your device: Wax buildup might be to blame for a lack of or muffled sound. Inspect your device and check for wax, cleaning it out of crevices with a wax pick. If wax has built up in the tubing, replace the tubing. Also remove the battery and wipe the entire device down with a dry cloth. Never use alcohol or water to clean your device.
  • Visit your provider: In the event that none of these troubleshooting tips works, there might be something major wrong with your device. Visit your hearing aid provider to have them inspect it and repair it as necessary. Never attempt to take apart your hearing aid and fix the problem yourself, or else you could cause more damage.

Sometimes, the trouble may not lay with your device at all. It may actually be that your device is working fine, but your hearing has gotten worse over time and you need a stronger hearing aid. Visiting your provider can help you figure out exactly what is wrong—whether with your device or your hearing—and solve the problem.

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