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Using Hearing Aids in Springfield, MO as a Fashion Statement

Rare is the person who actually looks forward to the day they can get hearing aids. For just about everyone, hearing aids are an object of necessity rather than an object of pleasure. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish!

Advances in hearing aid technology have led to the development of a much wider range of hearing aid designs, functions and styles than ever before. Now, not only can hearing aids significantly improve your hearing, but they no longer have to be clunky, obtrusive pieces of equipment hanging around your ear—they can be sleek, stylish and, in some cases, almost undetectable.

Here are a few tips on how you can wear your hearing aids in Springfield, MO more stylishly and confidently:

  • Go small: Again, in past years, people had thought of hearing aids as being massive, flesh-toned plugs that look like someone’s attempt to recreate a Star Trek technology. These days, they’re more like miniature headphones with a whole lot of digital technology built into them. There are different shapes and styles available depending on your degree of hearing loss, the shape of your ear and the amount of money you wish to spend on your aids. But in general, there are plenty of small, nearly undetectable options available to you. Others resemble small earbuds that are quite stylish. There are half-in, half-out options that can almost look like piercings. It doesn’t have to be obtrusive—you have options.
  • Dress up the equipment: Think of how stylish glasses have become—they are, for all practical purposes, “vision aids,” but they can still be used as fashion statements. Why shouldn’t hearing aids be the same? There are ways you can dress up the visible elements of your hearing aids, especially if they’re behind-the-ear types. Some companies make these sorts of “dressed-up,” stylish aids, or you might have the ability to add some customization yourself, depending on the kind of aid you choose.
  • Consider your hairstyle: This is an easier tip for women, who tend to wear their hair lower, but you can increase your confidence when wearing your hearing aid out in public by covering them with your hairstyle. There are certain types of hearing aids that can also blend in easily with certain types of hair styles, which might be something you consider when you go through the various options available for you to purchase.
  • Consider your earlobes: Sometimes you can have extra attention drawn to your hearing aids because of the condition or shape of your earlobes. Remember that lobes continue to grow with age, and if you’ve been wearing dangling earrings and hoops, there’s a chance they’ve stretched out a little more. Having your piercings repaired can help you take some of the attention away from your ears, which can also serve to make the hearing aids a little less noticeable.

These are just a few tips to help you add a sense of style to your hearing aids in Springfield, MO. Contact Half Price Hearing Aids today for more information and tips!